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Are you an athlete? Do you play mentally challenging games? The BrainAthlete system, the world's first brainwave athletic trainer, could help you get in the zone and massacre the competition..


NeuroSky's mind-reading headsets haven't exactly revolutionized modern user input ? they just measure midichlorian count and control an app or three ? but the company's definitely moving towards products that the general public can take seriously. ..

Golf Aid

Golf improvement takes on virtually all forms, whether you're working with a golf professional, reading a book or magazine, or using one of the thousands of golf training aids. One segment of the golf improvement market that has become quite popular recently has been biofeedback.

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Thought-reading machines may be on the cusp of a trend?more companies are beginning to design low-cost devices that can give consumers at least a glimpse into their own brains. One of these products, called the BrainAthlete, hit the market in Japan last December and will be available in the U.S. within months.

Akihabara News

Today at Tokyo Big Sight was held the Sport Science & Technology Fair where many companies introduced their latest gadgets and innovations.


NeuroSky Partner B-Bridge International, Inc. announces Brain Athletes.


Brain Athlete is a golf visor adorned with three NeuroSky EEG sensors that pick up your brainwaves and transmit them via Bluetooth to a computer.