Mental Training

No need for gel or any other advance preparation, just simply connect it to a computer, and measurements can be made anytime, anywhere.
The two meters showing Attention and Relaxation make it easy for anyone to read the current condition of their mind.
How to retain that supreme state of mentality varies with every person. That is why we let the users design their own training menu based on the biofeedback.

Using BrainAthlete

There has been many ways in the past to physically train, but this was not true for mental training, as there weren't any specific materials or equipment. That being said, it was well known that top athletes not only are skilled at their respective sports, but also mentally strong.
Outcome of physical training can be shown as numbers, as a distinct data that can be seen. Mental training, on the other hand has never been actually shown as a numbered data.

Researchers have concluded that there was a strong relationship between the balance of attentiveness and relaxation with the record and achievement in sports. Furthermore, study has shown that athletes who are capable of bringing up their mental state right before a move tend to achieve better results than others.

What BrainAthlete does:

  • BrainAthlete measures, calculate, and show the Attention level and the Meditation level of the user.
  • Can measure and record the condition of the brain in real-time, while performing activities.
  • The user can develop mental skills essential to any sports.

The purpose of BrainAthlete

BrainAthlete is used to train your mind to eventually reach the maximum mind potential a lot easier.

However, ever person has different brains, and thus different patterns of brainwaves. Therefore, there isn't one correct way to control the mind. Using BrainAthlete just once will not result in a massive change immediately. It may be difficult to control before the user gets fully used to it, but after few days, it will be easier to get the hang of taking control over your mind.

The potential of BrainAthlete

BrainAthlete is a completely new Mental Training Tool.
Despite having a basic way of use, its application is infinite. Users can make variety of training, and find their best training menu that fits them.

In the Measurement menu, there are "Recording mode" and "Browse mode".
In the Recording mode, both Attention level and Meditation level will be shown. The user can find their own tendencies in the two levels, and work out their own training menu through it.
In the Browse mode, the user can find their Average rates, Keep rates, and Zone rates while replaying their levels being recorded.
"Zone" is referred to the special state of mind, where an athlete is in complete attention state that shuts out all surroundings, and is immersed in the competition. There was once a female golf player about to take her putt to win the tournament. Despite the sudden train sound right next to the hole, she made the putt and won the tournament. She had found out about the train afterwards during the interview, as she was in the zone and had nothing distract her.

In Training mode, the user can learn to raise their attentiveness and relaxation, as well as both at the same time (zone). Through repetition, the control over the two states will be second nature.