BrainAthlete helps to train the user’s mind more effectively by measuring the brainwave, and showing “Attention” and “Meditation” to show the state of mind. Because of the small design, it is easy to move around and still be fitting.


Communication Method Bluetooth Ver.1.2
Range 10m maximum
Bluetooth Profile SPP
Bandwidth 2.4GHz (2.402 – 2,480GHz)
Built-in Battery Lithium-Ion 3.7V 230mAh
Energy Consumption 192mW
Net Weight Approx. 100g

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP (Above SP2) 、Vista or 7
Processor Pentium 4 1.6GHz
Memory 512MB
Bluetooth Bluetooth dongle or built-in PC
Bluetooth Driver Windows Driver


Charinging BrainAthlete

Re-Chargeable Lithium Ion Batteries are built in BrainAthlete.


Plug in the Mini-USB side of the cable in to the socket on the front side of BrainAthlete, and the other side into any USB port. When charging, a blue light will be flashing, and turns off when complete.

Charging Time.

Charging will take about 2 hours. At this time, the blue light will turn off.

Turning on/off

Powering on

Hold the power button for 2 seconds.
A blue light will flash.

Powering off

Hold the power button for 7 seconds.
The light will flash quickly twice.

Connecting to a computer

To connect to a computer, you must first "Pair" it. Pairing is to register a Bluetooth device with what you want it to connect it to.

Warning: Make sure the battery is charged before pairing.

Visual Display

Unit Condition
Charging (Power off) Charging battery
Charging (Power off) Charge complete
Power on Pairing
Power on Pairing complete
Power on Low battery
Power off Power turned off

Troubleshooting guide

Problem Fixing it
Power won'ft turn on Make sure it is fully charged
Cannot pair from the computer - It might be paired to another device. Turn off both sides, and retry.
- Check the computer.
- The default name is "BrainAthlete".
- Get the computer and BrainAthlete closer.
- Turn off the power, and retry.
- When pairing, make sure there aren't any other Bluetooth devices around.
Cannot charge Make sure the USB cable is plugged in all the way.
Nothing happens when pressing the button Turn off the power, and retry.
Reading is inconsistent Make sure the earpiece and browpiece are set correctly, and have no interference in between, such as hair.