The connection between the mind and performance

It is already known that to excel in sports there must be concentration. However, for a higher level, one must be not only concentrated, but also relaxed, and get rid of all nerves that may interfere. After numerous field tests, NeuroSky succeeded in producing the algorithms for “Attention” and “Meditation”. In addition, with the help of the USA Archery team, NeuroSky has proved many of questions since 2008. One remarkable fact found was that when releasing the arrow, the best results come when the peak of Attention and Meditation meet together. This mental strength is what separates the best from others. If these can be manipulated in the user’s own will anytime, it will be a strength not only in sports, but in everyday life as well.

The importance of routine

Every renowned athlete’s have their own routine to themselves. This is like how every batter in baseball have short habit before getting into the batterbox, or how basketball players have their own way of getting concentrated before a freeshoot.

A research has been done through putting of golf with BrainAthlete. Below are the results.

Red line indicates the Attention level, and green line indicates the Meditation level. ①marks before the putt, ②marks the instant of the putt, and ③marks after the putt

-Beginning to intermediate golfers-

① Before hitting the ball, both meters are at a high level. However, once the player starts to think more about hitting, both decrease immensely. This is an indication that the player is feeling tense.

② The ball is struck at the most unstable mind condition.

③ Both meters rise again, after the impact. This is an indication of the player’s state of mind to be curious of the outcome

-Advanced golfers-

It is easy to notice that the impact is when the two meters are near the peak. Also, it is prominent that this player times the impact as their mental state becomes more stable. The way this player keeps time is their own routine.

To understand their own mental state and find their routine is an athlete’s closest way to success. Make the best use of BrainAthlete to experience the phenomenon.