In order to be an easy use for the general public, the NeuroSky sensor module has been through many designing and devising. Its key feature consists of the noise filtering, development of the algorithm, and ThinkGear Chips.

Noise filtering

Brainwaves are very small signals, and many surroundings act as noise and interfere with measurements. In order to make an accurate measurement, there must be a way to eliminate these noises occurring. NeuroSky has designed a way to filter the noise from both analog and digital standpoints, as well as a way to recognize other noise effectively. Despite all the complicated noise filtering, the sensor module keeps processing in real-time.

eSense Algorithm

In order to get the measurements easier to read for anyone, a special algorithm to analyze the brainwave is being developed. As of now, there are two algorithms, “Attention” and “Meditation”.

ThinkGear Chips

By taking every process of the brainwaves in one place, a small-sized, lightweight, and price reduced module is now possible. This creates many opportunities to use in different purposes.

Comparing sensitivity

NeuroSky performs many experimenting and comparing of the sensitivity of brainwaves with signal measuring device BIOPAC Systems, Inc. According to data from FFT analysis, NeuroSky sensor module is proved to detect significant range of waves, including cognitive states and emotional states.